AIRSENSE celebrates 20 years anniversary

AIRSENSE Analytics GmbH celebrated his 20-years company jubilee with many guests, among them the prime minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Mr. Erwin Sellering. What started as a spin-off of the technical university Hamburg-Harburg with the two general managers Mr. Münchmeyer and Mr. Walte became a true success story. This appreciated the minister with the words: “ It is impressive what you reached in the last 20 years. From a little start-up you established an international acting company, a market leader in its sector.” His words show exactly the strong expansion which happened to AIRSENSE in the last 20 years.

“In the year 1996 you have started with three people. In the last 20 years this expanded to nearly a staff of 30.”, praised Mr. Sellering AIRSENSE as a good example. This perfectly describes the strength of the medium-sized businesses of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, “companies which have found a gap in the market and have used it sucessfully, especially dedicated and guided with much commitment, innovative and flexible.”, said Mr. Sellering.
After a succesfull reception at the main bulding of the TGZ in Schwerin, which is the companies headquarter, the guests had the opportunity to go on a tour trough the offices of AIRSENSE to get more information about the company’s business. All guests used this chance to get an overview of AIRSENSE, which will hold on a long time.

The anniversary celebration finished in a more private atmosphere, where the glasses were raised in a toast to the continuing succesful years.