AIRSENSE Analytics

General ManagerAIRSENSE Analytics was founded on April 15 1996 by Dipl.-Ing. Wolf Münchmeyer and Dr.–Ing. Andreas Walte. This innovative company has its registered place of business in Schwerin – the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
AIRSENSE centers its activity on the development and manufacturing of high quality instruments for the fields first response, public security, aviation as well as logistics and environment.

AIRSENSE has been succeeding in placing its special products in the international market. Today AIRSENSE is one of the worldwide recognized supplier of safety and security equipment.

Delivering mobile, reliable and stable detection devices which provide results within seconds is our mission.

Our Service Team

andreas_walte.jpg kerstin_briese.jpg
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Walte
General Manager
Ms. Kerstin Briese
Quality /Service Management
Mr. Christoph Ritter
Service Technician

Our Sales Team

wolf_munchmeyer-2.jpg cindy_siggelkow.jpg peter_rothe.jpg
Mr. Wolf Münchmeyer
General Manager
Ms. Cindy Siggelkow
Executive Assistant / Marketing
Product Manager Environment
Mr. Peter Rothe
Product Manager Aviation
basti_klaehn2.jpg andre_czaplicki.jpg zhimin_song.jpg
Mr. Sebastian Klähn
Product Manager Safety & Security
Mr. André Czaplicki
Product Manager Logistics
Mr. Zhimin Song
Sales Executive China